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1 - THE TOCQUEVILLE CONNECTION is published by U.S.-CREST, a non-profit research organization based in Arlington, VA, with the aim of furthering a dialogue on Franco-American relations.

2 - The goal of THE TOCQUEVILLE CONNECTION is to present relevant, objective and complete facts and figures on trans-Atlantic issues. It provides timely news, analysis, context and background on all questions.

3 - THE TOCQUEVILLE CONNECTION is committed to airing the broadest possible spectrum of opinions on Franco-American issues, encouraging a free flow of ideas and a frank exchange of views by all interested parties.

4 - THE TOCQUEVILLE CONNECTION is conceived, designed and written by professional journalists. It is free of all political interference or control by public and private interest groups seeking to promote a particular ideology, cause, commercial enterprise or national position.

5 - THE TOCQUEVILLE CONNECTION is financed by sponsorship and advertising from diverse sources. No contribution has any bearing on the editorial content, whose substance and form are decided solely by the editor-in-chief of TTC.

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