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The life of a government is made up of departures and returns and I have left under less amicable conditions than those reserved to you, Sarkozy, a former interior and finance minister, told Dati and Barnier at a UMP meeting in Paris.

First French minister comes out as gay

Karoutchi, who was born in Morocco in 1951, said both Sarkozy and Prime Minister Francois Fillon had been happy to invite his partner to social events attended by other ministers with their wives or husbands.

Bulgarian court upholds acquittal in Paris murder case

A court acquitted the two in March 2008 and Ivanka Vacheva, the mother of the victim, accused judges of being bought by the father of one of the defendents.

Sumo the depressed lap dog bites Chirac

Sumo is a Maltese , a miniature lap dog with a silky white coat.

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